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Applied Kinesiology is a natural healing modality that focuses on restoring balance and communication in the body and mind. When communication flows in a harmonious way throughout the body’s organ systems and there is structural and chemical integrity, the body’s innate healing ability can do what it was made to do.. HEAL and STAY HEALTHY!

STOP WASTING MONEY ON UNCERTAINTY! Nutrition and choosing the correct supplements can get complicated and confusing. Ask me about SUPPLEMENT TESTING to get unique bio-feedback from your own body and to get clear on what’s working and what isn’t.


Applying several healing modalities in this session provides a deeper understanding of one’s personal health requirements.
Every body is unique, every person on their own path. Sometimes we need to peel of a few layers (of stress/tension/overwhelm/confusion) to see where the client is really at and from there do the restoration of balance and communication in the body.

If you are completely new to my work, please schedule a quick phonecall or zoom chat with me to discuss your needs and to get clarity on what service or session would suit your needs? (WhatsApp me: +27 79 582 8117)


The body remembers, records all our experiences and traumas can get and stay stuck in our cellular systems, even after counselling, therapy and rehabilitation. These imprinted memories continue to trigger our survival systems even when we do not feel or think about the traumatic incident(s) or situations much anymore. Trauma stuck in the body can lead to auto-immune disorders, disease and debilitating compulsive behaviour.
To truly move on from negative experiences it is required to meet the body and it’s survival system where it is and gently start a processing we call “rewiring”. The most amazing gifts are often revealed through this process and clients don’t only recover their lives, but tend to go on to live fulfilling lives they could never imagine possible.


This is where it all comes together, where we start moving forward at a steady pace, consciously taking the best next step forward towards the life we can and do imagine in our wildest dreams.
We take a look at the client’s environment and different life areas. Then we explore their outer and inner world to see how they are doing in the environment they are in and finally bring this through into their life’s work, career or business.
Life Alignment plugs into a business or life coach’s work beautifully, by complementing the client’s efforts with the coach with a sincere and gentle method to create awareness around one’s personal needs for harmony and health.
We cannot only chase goals, but need to fuel ourselves from the inside in order to reach the goals we set for ourselves.
Life Alignment is there to keep you connected to your true sense of purpose in the world we live in and to support and guide you along your journey to absolute health, wealth and happiness.