For an empath, or highly sensitive person, in these chaotic times, the “normal” world, especially cities and densely populated, industrial and buzzing hubs can easily, and will, more often than not cause symptoms and brain trauma similar to that of war veterans or victims of physical, psychological or any other form of abuse. (Look up: DTD – Developmental Trauma Disorder / PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder / CPTSD – Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

I am, through personal experience inclined to believe that what we’re experiencing here is part of a karmic cleanse going on and that for humans, the only effective or productive way to resurface old gunk memories and clear them out is to trigger them, sometimes harshly and activate them, sometimes forcefully, to come up for review, restructuring and/or release. (…moment of silence for the dead…)

I also believe that we have truly been done with whatever happened in the past for quite a long while now, however, our minds are addicts, compulsively clinging to thought-forms and belief constructs that we think and insist on believing defines our reality, shapes society, or rules or runs “how the world works”..

It’s all a load of BS(!!) if you ask me.. but nonetheless, here I am, personally also dealing with my, literally, DAILY dose of CPTSD symptoms and finding awesome new healing tools and ways to get through this human experience, shouting, screaming, laughing, crying, aching, loving passionately…

embarrassing… embracing… MY SELF.


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I include here a few links to other websites with more info on PTSD and related material:


Love your GRAY AREAS 😉


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