What comes down must come up.
If you have gone down, you simply must rise.

That is, I suppose, if you would prefer rising from your own ashes, even if you have no idea how, more than you would prefer 1. going on choking on the dust of your own or seemingly imposed destruction, whilst desperately fluttering about in your weak state of strong negative judgment, or 2. would rather not go on living at all.
(For those who believe that you should never in any way condone or seem to suggest that suicide is an option… if you’re truly at nr 2, you would not be reading this, and if you’re uncertain if you are at nr 2, if you were, you wouldn’t be reacting negatively to the fact that I am mentioning it, so what may be going on is that which you think is a negative reaction is rather, maybe, a glimmer of hope that still exists inside of you, clouded by anger, unexpressed grief or helplessness masked in protest.

The truth of healing through trauma or abuse of any kind is that you have no choice, but to change.
Your life changes, in most cases, completely.
Your personality changes, leaving only the core of your being.
Your body changes and the grief of your loss will, long after the actual events departed, still be processing in your psyche.
Your brain physiology changes into a state unknown to your prior self before the trauma and unknown to what’s left of this half-dead person who survived and is attempting to regroup.
You have to get to know yourself all over again, completely, and learn to gift yourself love and compassion like you probably have never given another person or living being, never-mind experienced or received from another.

This is your awakening.
This is your true birth.
It is painful, but the process is profoundly beautiful.

You will heal.
You will already have become aware of parts of yourself you never knew existed, good or bad.
These parts of you will guide you further in life.
You will journey through self discovery and learn to love, truly, unconditionally.

Learning to forgive, love and nurture yourself will probably be harder than the ordeal you faced and are trying to heal from or still get out of if you’re still in it.

Please persevere?
You have chosen to be birthed into a higher expression of your own truth.

Simultaneously embrace and release your ego, all the fear, all the fighting, all the vigor and the remorse.

You will get through.
One. Step. At. A. Time.

And you will rise.
And you will be more beautiful and more you than you have ever imagined.

Phoenix love.

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