“It is very important that you understand the true innocence of all feelings, for each of them, if left alone and followed, will lead you back to the reality of love .

-In their way the hateful or revengeful thoughts are natural therapeutic devices, for if you follow them, accepting them with their own validity as feelings, they will automatically lead you beyond themselves; they will change into other feelings, carrying you from hatred into … fear – which is always behind hatred. (1 1;220-22 1)

2. Regardless of what you have been told, hatred does not initiate strong violence … The outbreak of violence is often the result of a built-in sense of powerlessness. (21;418)

3. There are adults who quail when one of their children say, “I hate you’. Often children quickly learn not to be honest. What the child is really saying is, “I love you so. Why are you so mean to me?’ or ‘What stands between us and the love for you that I feel?’ (21;423)

4. You become conditioned so that you feel guilty when you even contemplate hating another. You try to hide such thoughts from yourself. You may succeed so well that you literally do not know what you are feeling on a conscious level. The emotions are there but they are invisible to you because you are afraid to look. To that extent you are divorced from your own reality and disconnected from your own feelings of love. (21;424)

5. Even your hateful fantasies, left alone, will return you to a reconciliation and release of love. A fantasy of beating a parent or a child, even to death, will if followed through lead to tears of love and understanding. (2 1;424)

6. You may love a parent, and if the parent does not seem to return the love…you may ‘hate’ the parent …. Hatred is not a denial of love then but an attempt to regain it”

― Jane Roberts

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