It feeds on fear. Fear gets fed to it by choice. This fear, this “attention”, this energy cannot be taken without it being voluntarily given.

Doing the most for something that is insatiable only fuels its greed. Doing the least for it slowly starves it.

For those of us who are truly kind, relatively responsible, happily intelligent and mostly caring, this is the most difficult thing to recognise and accept. This inherent “goodness” is exactly what we need to preserve, whilst applying pretty much the opposite.

Many of us have been learning this the hard way, so that not everyone has to suffer… or, well, not forever anyway. There are those who get hyped, who are also simply in fear and then there are the others, who see through most everything, not because they have read something, but because they intuitively know when there is order and they know when something is “off”, meaning “off-balance” or “not ordered”, aka “making CHAOS”.

Despite much learning by humanity, history does however repeat itself and we’re all in this together… here we go again…

The truth, well, mine anyway, is that it doesn’t really matter which way what goes, because it’s all part of everything and just happening “because”… be-cause = we affect it… there’s a cause for everything. It is truly simple, in fact. The more interested we all are in something, the more energy it gets.

We (humans) get sad and angry when there is division amongst us. We get happy and strong when we’re together. We do well with order, not chaos. We are healthy when we “human” and stay connected… to God, Higher Power, Spirit, whatever you may call it.. and also when we stay connected to EACH OTHER.

We have a choice in what we are creating moving forward. Don’t ever let anything or anyone convince you otherwise. Our free will is the greatest gift we have as humans. It is, “cosmically” speaking, the greatest resource, energy-wise, on Mother Earth. Please use it wisely?

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