Raising one’s vibration consciously and consistently helps boost energy levels and shift into a more positive life experience. If we’re feeling good, we do good, we love better and experience more.

It is easy to get stuck in the dark gungy mud of low vibration energies, and if not remedied, over time, one’s vibration drops lower and lower, it gets harder and harder and takes longer and longer to lift oneself up and out into the light and flow of manifesting what we desire in life.

Below is a list of some simple ways to raise your vibration quickly.

Try one that resonates or add one of them to your daily routine, practice it daily until it becomes a habit, and then add the next one, then the next. Be patient with it and implement what resonates with your heart and soul. (Doing it because you feel you “have to” or are looking for a “fix” probably won’t work). Conscious practice on a consistent basis should start shifting your vibration immediately, and over the course of a few weeks you may start noticing how your reality starts defaulting into a more positive experience.

  1. Notice something beautiful and reset what you focus on. If you’re consciously and consistently training your brain to notice blessings, they have a better chance of filling up your awareness.
  2. Shout out, yes shout it out, something you are grateful for or feel blessed to have or be. Entering a state of gratitude consciously trains your vibration to default to blessings, more and more.
  3. Do a quick peer group / social inventory and see who or what you are spending time on that drains your energy and who/what uplifts you. Make adjustments where needed.
  4. Kick your shoes off and walk on the grass, or get out into nature, without phones and gadgets. An hour out in nature, regularly, will boost your energy levels immensely.
  5. Stay hydrated with clean, living water. Our bodies need water to stay in the flow, flush out toxins and process all the information we are bombarded with constantly.
  6. Do a tech-detox. Remove your “go-to” app off your phone, the one you open when you’re bored, frustrated or the one you think you cannot live without.
  7. Breathe! Deeply, into your abdomen. 3 – 5 deep, conscious breaths can reset your physiology and instil a sense of calm when your stress levels are frantically fluttering all over the place.
  8. Think back to when you were little, what you did, how you played. Find simple ways to connect with that energy in your daily life.
  9. Play music, have a dance party by yourself. 5 minutes, one song you love will do it!
  10. Clean up your diet and teach yourself to eat consciously and slowly. The more live, clean foods you put into your body, and the more you consciously appreciate your food, the more life-force you fill up with, instead of low vibration, fast and processed (disconnect) foods.
  11. Un-clutter your space. If you know you’re likely not going to be unpacking the entire cupboard that has been waiting for months (years?), schedule a 5minute spot-check into your day to scan your room, office or wherever you are and clean up one little space. Do this daily and every day will make a little more space for clean new energy to come in.
  12. Interrupt your negative patterns. If you know you always dump yourself into your dark side at a certain time of the day, or if you notice you’re always tired at the same time of the afternoon, consciously find a practical ways to interrupt this pattern. Eg. If you can’t make it through your workday, maybe you need to eat breakfast, go to bed earlier or go for a walk during your lunch break. Pro-active baby steps will get it done over time.
  13. Releasing blame (do this quickly, don’t spend too much time dwelling on it): Think of what one negative thing you worry about or focus on most. Write it down on a sheet of paper.
    1. Write down all the “reasons” your mind can come up with for why this situation exists.
    2. Next, at the bottom of the list, write down the following, “I now release all blame and inaction regarding this situation and take personal responsibility for what I create in my life.” Close your eyes, breathe and feel the effect of this (feel! not “think”) for a few minutes, connect with what the effect of it is in your body and where it is causing stress.
    3. Still breathing, redirect the energy out of your body, intentionally releasing anything and everything you feel is happening or has happened from a place outside of your own power, responsibility or choice. Do this until you feel a sense of letting go, physically.
    4. Next, to instil positive energy in the cleared space, think for a moment, simply, what the ideal situation would be that you would rather have created, had you been consciously aware. Write that down.
    5. Then write down, in one short sentence, as simply and concisely as possible, what the next practical step is that you need to take in order to reach your desired outcome.
    6. Commit to this, start taking practical action and holding your vision of your ideal situation, with simple steps, as many as it will take, for as long as is needed. If you repeat this process often and consistently hold your vision, the reality around the situation will start shifting. But you need to commit to it, and keep it up, for weeks or months if needed, on a consistent and regular basis.
  14. Lift your chin, take a deep breath in and SMILE, as wide as you can!! Breathe a few deep breaths in this position and feel how you shift into a higher state.

Be free!! LIVE FREE!

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– May van Reenen



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