I’m often amused at seeing people standing, perplexed, staring at rows and rows of supplements on shelves in health stores, not having enough information and not having the relevant criteria for making informed decisions on the topic.

Which is the better supplement? Aren’t they all just the same? Will it work?

Should they choose by brand, or price, or marketing reputation, or do they just follow the advice of the shop assistant and trust that he/she has read more than they have themselves, even if that’s a long shot and they know it?

I often wish that it would seem a bit less weird, if I’d had to simply walk up to them and help them figure it out, by simply asking (testing) their body’s response, so they can KNOW (not wonder) which is best and if this one or that one would just be a waste of money (and end up in the loo.), better yet let them know which will actually cause more harm than good.

The truth is, that each person, each body, and each set of circumstances for every individual is unique, and there is no one simple answer to the question of what we each need, considering all the dynamics and challenges we each face.

To know and understand what your body really needs, first prize, fastest and best approach, is to, as mentioned above, just muscle test it, properly (click here for how to arrange this), thereby considering all the relevant factors, such as diet, emotional or mental stress levels, work/life balance, etc. etc. and also to test all the supplements and/or medications they are taking together, to get the bigger picture of what’s happening homeostatically. (no, that’s not a word 😉 / …the point is, no-one and nothing, including your body or mind can keep track and maintain balance if there is disharmony between all the factors at play, inside and out.)

Below is a little exercise to get an idea of how clever our whole beings are and how you can know what’s lacking or imbalanced, nutritionally, on more levels than just the physical.
Maybe the solution is not in a bottle, tablet or capsule, and maybe you already know what you can do about it?



Grab a pen and paper, and write down your scores for each numbered question:

For each of the numbered questions below, give a rating between 1-10, of where you find yourself, currently, relative to your personal, desirable ideal state of being as it relates to the aspects described in the questions. (1 = your least desirable state; 10 = your ideal state).

LEVEL: BASIC LIFE, Survival. – What’s coming in? What’s going out? What is your experience here, now?

1. Does your body, mind and environment feel CLEAN, FREE FLOWING, and free from toxins or toxic energies, people or situations? Is your system washing out negative or used-up energies on a daily basis or are undesirable energies accumulating and crowding you?

2. Is your DIGESTION BALANCED and are you able to PROCESS WHAT IS HAPPENING in your life, with relationships, work, etc? Or do you easily get bloated, stagnant, gassy? Is your digestion and metabolism maybe too fast, runny, or too slow and sluggish?

3. Do you feel CALM, NOURISHED, SAFE? Is your health, life, home and general wellbeing secure, or do you feel like it’s hanging on a very thin thread and it can break at any point in time?

4. Are you STRUCTURALLY STRONG (skeleton and joints), or do your bones and joints feel brittle and are you afraid at times that it might easily break? In your life, are your practical things in life sorted and are you on top of it, or does it feel like your structure in life is vulnerable or brittle? Do you take on more than you can handle?

5. Are you GROWING AND DEVELOPING, ageing with grace, or do you feel like you are just getting older and going backward, health-wise, degenerating? Are you living with passion and purpose, or does it feel like you’ve lost interest or value in your self and your work/life/purpose?

6. Do your muscles feel STRONG, SUPPLE AND READY TO MOVE, or are they tired and lethargic? How is your hair? Your nails? Your skin? Do you feel strong and resilient, like you can climb that mountain or handle what comes your way, or do you wither when the wind blows?

7. How are your ENERGY RESERVES? Are you always tired? Are you barely getting through the day, the week, the month? Do you have a budget and does your money last and grow, or do you always live on scraps for the last week of the month before payday?

Happy Days (!) if your scores are all high up on the “desirable/ideal” scale!! But if not, or if one particular area stands out as an issue, read on…

Physically, nutritionally, if you rated any of your answers closer to “undesirable” for the above questions, it would relate to one of the following:

For the areas that are scoring less than ideal in your life, there will be either a LACK; an EXCESS; or an UNSUITABLE FORM of the following nutritional components (the listed numbers below correspond to the numbers of the questions) present in your diet:

1. CLEAN LIVING WATER (Eg. Tap water in Gauteng, South Africa is not safe, no matter what the newspapers say.)

2. SUITABLE FIBRE (Eg. You’re either getting too little fibre, or you have an intolerance such as for certain grains, maybe wheat, gluten, or other.)

3. HEALTHY FATS (Eg. Our lifestyles nowadays are more stressful than what our nervous systems are designed for, so it is necessary to take care to wind down and to supplement with the correct fats and oils and make an effort to not eat modified or processed fats which cause damage to the nervous system)

4. CORRECT MINERAL BALANCE (Eg. !!! make a plan for sufficient intake of minerals!! Eat pink salt, take epsom salt baths, garden barefoot, put less toxins into your body, to preserve what minerals you do actually have, etc… Our soil is depleted and if you’re not making a significant effort of healthy home food cultivation, you’re probably not getting what you need from store-bought foods)

5. VITAMINS, ABSORPTION, UTILISATION (Eg. If you have aches and pains, and feel like life is just a drag, you probably need a bit more colour in your life, literally.. fruits, vegetables, joy, celebration, friends, laughter!)

6. SUFFICIENT PROTEINS (Eg. if there’s no protein, there’s no muscle, and without muscle, there’s no movement… with no pro-active movement, the only thing that will bring change is the wind?)

7. CARBOHYDRATES (Eg. Carbohydrates are often judged unfairly. It is our comfort and our relaxation. If life is just about work work work and no play, no relaxation, then you’re probably depleted of energy and there’s nothing that can make you feel better? Have a bowl of pasta? Smile for a change?)

The essence, that which I hope I am communicating, is that there may be an imbalance, inaction or misalignment of behaviour and choices elsewhere, not physically, in your life, for which the physical/nutritional imbalance is just the messenger… And ignorantly wishing it away by piling bottles of pills into your grocery basket may not be the best remedy?

Maybe you would rather choose to create optimal levels of harmony in your life and nourish yourself from within, before having to reach for something from outside.

All that being said, please do not expect of your body to “tolerate” substances, foods, or energies you are aware of having a negative effect on you. Awareness is a beautiful thing. you cannot go back and forget what you have learnt. You cannot not know what you do know. And with that awareness, comes responsibility. Your body will show you!

The best approach then, is to tackle the issue from all sides and from every direction that you have a glimpse of awareness of. If you take right action, nourish and love what you have to work with, to the best of your ability, your body, health and life will respond with continually improving versions of itself in return.


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May van Reenen

Healer & Holistic Health Practitioner


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