Every Artist needs a Muse.

In order to inspire, it is required that the muse be both amusing and amused, or in its purest expression, appropriately and contently unamused, so as to properly and improperly entice innermost reflection within the artist.

The innermost reflection is mirrored and brought into play in a carefully selected, manageable medium and a silent, powerful display of an attempt to expresses his/her painful creative frustration with not feeling adept at being enough of a muse him/herself to yet exist independently.

At all or any cost of intensity, what must be avoided by any means necessary, bar only that which would solicit imprisonment of any part of the Soul, or avoiding only that which tangibly, potentially immobilizes limbs, is the agonizing possibility of mediocrity, a life and passion unmanifest in its void of insignificance named unamused or unamusing.

– May

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