You may feel a bit out of sorts for the rest of the day. Please take it easy and rest as much as possible, have a relaxing bath and get to bed early.

The effects of energy work and alignment can be expected to settle or work out of your system over the next 3 days after your session. You may feel dizzy, moody, sore, or various symptoms related to the work that was done. Stick it out as far as possible, try not to react too hastily with emotions especially that may surface..

The best is to observe the changes in your body and energy and work towards the positive shift you intend.

If there is pain, headaches etc that are not too serious, try not to take allopathic medication, to give your body time to work the issues/substances out of your system. If it is acute, though, please contact me or another health practitioner and get the appropriate treatment.

Your body and complete being will not attempt shifts that it is not ready for. The best approach is to support it and be gentle with yourself at the same time.

Energy work and holistic health changes often need to be addressed in layers. Once a positive shift is made in the right direction, the body takes some time to integrate the change before it is able to show the next step towards healing. Please book a follow up session within 1-4weeks from your first and discuss the process with me so we can find the best solutions along the way.

Please communicate and give me feedback on your session and process. Every bit of information and intent is supportive to the healing and personal growth process.

Allergies / Eczema / Skin / Inflammatory Conditions especially, but any natural healing issues can get worse before they get better. The reason the issue is there in the first place is because the body attempts to detox from it and get rid of it in the best way possible. As it gets a rush of support from your side, it may have more energy to actually do exactly that which it has been trying to do. Please communicate any symptoms? In acute cases, we may need to adjust and tweak our approach.

Thank you for sharing your growth with me.

Enjoy your process. LOVE YOUR SELF. Be kind to everything.