Session Fees



  • 20mins : R110 : Private Call – Live call to discuss challenges or ask advice on healing, challenges, issues. Includes intuitive reading for guidance. (Click here to book your call: )
  • 1h20 : R330 : Private Consultation Session – Interactive talk, sharing and listening session. Useful in processing situations and feelings of overwhelm, not knowing what to do or how to move forward. Especially useful in depression, anxiety, relationship challenges. (Available for individual online sessions via Skype, or private meeting in person)


  • 20mins : R330 : Energy Scan and Priority Alignment – Good for food or supplement testing, identifying priority imbalances and a quick “tune-up”. Bring along any supplements, medication, food or body products that you would like to test. (Available for individual online sessions via Skype, or mobile service for group booking of minimum 3 sessions)
  • 50mins : R550 : Energy Balance – Clearing, Assessment and Priority Energy Alignment – Good for maintenance of health and personal growth support, on a regular (monthly) and committed basis. (Available online via Skype, or mobile service for group booking of minimum 2 sessions)
  • 1h20mins : R740 : Deep Clearing and Energy Alignment – These sessions are suitable for regressions and trauma processing, working with chronic and deep-seated, long term processes, also addictions and drug dependency. Also recommended for first appointments and if big change or events have happened in your life, or if we haven’t done clearing or energy work for a few months. (Available online via Skype, or mobile service)
  • 1h50mins : R880 : Clearing, Alignment and Energy Aroma Massage – The full body energy make-over! – Good for nourishment, raising your vibration and energy levels, deep relaxation and releasing tension. Have a rest and stay home after your session to fully integrate the healing. (Available by mobile service at your home)

Travel fees for mobile service included in session fees if within a 10km radius from Menlyn Park, Pretoria, South Africa. (Please enquire for an estimate and arrangement for other areas?)



  • Incorporate study and learning support into your holistic healing session with me (Have your textbooks or work ready for your session so we can muscle test and see which areas need integration)



  • R3300 : Space Clearing & Energy Alignment Package – Three sessions (approx. 1h20mins each) of clearing and rearranging space to increase positive energy flow, to be conducted over the course of 6-8weeks – Best for sustained positive energy flow. (This package requires your presence and input during sessions as we’ll be moving around some furniture and homeware to suit your specific needs)
  • R1200 : Once off Full Space Clearing – Deep space clearing for your home to remove negativity and stagnant energy – Good for when moving into a new space and on a yearly basis.